About Us
First Baptist Church of Urbandale was established in September 1933. The
first pastor was Floyd C. Erwin. It began in a small building and in the 1950's
the current buildings were built. On December 31, 2006, the new FBCU was
born as it merged with Pleasant Grove FBC.

Purpose Statement
Revive Southeast Dallas County through Evangelism with the Gospel of
Jesus Christ, Discipleship in the Bible, Ministry to personal needs,
encouraging the Worship of God and Fellowship among believers.

Vision Statement
Advancing the Kingdom of God

Mission Statement
"To live and proclaim the Gospel message through the power and guidance
of the Holy Spirit to bring all people regardless of language or culture to a
saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. Our goal is to pursue this with a
unity of purpose so that First Baptist Church of Urbandale continues to be a
fellowship of believers living and worshiping in harmony and Christ-like love."
(May 23, 1999)